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On October 18th


Martin Stout

to Beaumont Council

My Pledge

I ran for council in 2017 because, after living and raising my family here for 25 years, it was time for me to give back to this community by serving the public good. Now I'm asking you to re-elect me because, although we have achieved a lot, there is much more still to do. With your support, I believe that we can and will make life even better in Beaumont. If re-elected to council, I pledge not to make any votes in council without first listening, secondly evaluating, and finally deciding what's best for the whole community.

1) Listen

I will listen to all Beaumont residents and try to understand every point of view that differs from my own. Please contact me if you have an opinion or concern that you wish to share or discuss with me. 

2) Evaluate 

As well as listening to you, I will consider all available data and information plus opinion from subject matter experts, in order to gain insight and reconcile differences before making any decisions.

3) Decide

I will deliberate and debate in council, after considering all that I have heard and learnt from you, before voting on any issue before council. Tough choices require robust decision making.

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